"the study of the mind through subjective (human) experiences"…

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The Center of
Phenomenological Leadership

Our Core Beliefs:

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    Belief 1: Human beings amass stories and experiences - some more meaningful than others – and these experiences shape a person’s worldview.

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    Belief 2: It is worthwhile to build assessments and programs supporting ripe opportunities to think about, re-live and fit lived experiences into an adjusted way of daily living or leading; Becoming renewed and more engaged is a direct outcome.

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    Belief 3: The learning journey experience should include a creative, invitational space that is both psychological and socially safe, warm and stimulating.

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    Belief 4: Critical thinking offers chances to hold dialogue, learn, connect and explore possibilities – some expected and some unexpected.

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    Belief 5: Being pragmatic and outcome oriented helps to ensure that learning happens in a real way shaping your life/leadership story in an intentional manner.

Top Reasons for Choosing The Center of Phenomenological Leadership.

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    Reason 1: Leader Experiences Matter

    Leaders hold stocks of shared and often unshared relevant experiences which can serve their new & renewed roles; As leaders re-visit their LFE’s or Leadership Formation Experiences they often tap once unnoticed nuances in their lives which shaped their identity. To uncover a leader’s story requires the in-depth reflective interviews, inspired by Husserl’s readings and Giorgi’s insights grounded in Rebelo’s research. CPL offerings for leader’s range from the core Phenom-Leader Journey to Threshold Storying.

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    Reason 2: Family Forms People

    Family leadership often does not have formal classes. In fact, we never learn family leadership formally. Our lived experiences nestle what it means to lead as a father, mother, or spouse. Co-leadership is especially foreign in our societies which are often ripe with winning, or my –way –high –way attitudes. CPL offerings for this part of your life are Phenom-Family Leading and the Family Narrative Process.

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    Reason 3: Finding a Student’s Essence is the Answer

    Since we burst as families and people from activity to activity absent reflection, it is no wonder why high school and college decision-making is often done “on the fly.” CPL offers the Phenom-Collegiate-Tracker Program steeped in reflection and responsibility, but made easy. By engaging and enabling high school and college students to understand their selves, school and career-choices are rightly and confidently driven by the student-leader.

Our Mission:

To promote a reflective learning environment fostering where leaders are able to study and re-shape their mental models for presenting, leading and living a fully engaged life.

We accomplish this goal by building learning journeys, assessments and organizational development programs steeped in phenomenology – the study of the mind through subjective experiences.